Why Introduce Reiki to our Therapies at MindBody Oasis?

Reiki pronounced ‘Ray Key’ is a natural complement to massage and reflexology. It is a potentially powerful healing modality, which we believe could benefit many of our clients at MindBody Oasis.

Let’s Explore Reiki

Rai” means ‘Universal’ and “Ki” means ‘energy’. Reiki is a Japanese energy balancing and de-stressing technique that also stimulates the body’s natural self-healing ability. Reiki treatments provide an opportunity for you to totally relax and rebalance in a safe and caring environment.

“Rai” means ‘Universal’ and “Ki” means ‘energy’. Reiki is a Japanese energy balancing and de-stressing technique that also stimulates the body’s natural self-healing ability. Reiki treatments provide an opportunity for you to totally relax and rebalance in a safe and caring environment.

Reiki was developed in the late 1800s / early 1900s by Mikao Usui, although many people believe that its origins are much older, as it draws on various oriental traditions, including traditional Japanese hand healing.

Reiki helps the body to reach an inner state of harmony on all levels – physical, mental and spiritual. It promotes changes in any negative mental habits and turns these into positive and more productive thought patterns.

Reiki’s non-invasive nature allows it to be offered to a wide variety of people in conjunction with conventional medication to relieve side effects and assist in the recovery from operations and illnesses.

In a Nutshell How can Reiki Help You?

Reiki is most commonly used to treat:

  • Physical illnesses: migraines, asthma, eczema, pain relief from arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Stress related issues: insomnia, depression, anxiety and release of emotional blockages.
  • Dependency: drug, alcohol and addictions.
  • General wellbeing: relaxation, strengthening the immune system, increase of confidence.
  • Reiki is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment. It cannot be used as a form of prognosis either. If you are concerned about any symptoms, you should see your doctor.

While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religion. It has no dogma and there is nothing you need to believe in to receive a treatment. Reiki respects freedom of personal choice and is used throughout the world in many different cultures and every walk of life.

An Introduction to Madeleine Donaldson, our Reiki Practitioner

“I first discovered the healing power of Reiki in 2007, alongside my mum, as part of her cancer therapy. My mum was very sceptical to begin with, laughing and talking her way through the first session, with nerves and apprehension. However, that night she slept soundly, stress and pain free. She was a convert. I was amazed that one treatment, placebo or not, could have this effect on one person.

As a naturally spiritual person, I wanted to be able to help other people self-heal as I had seen with my mum and to bring them same level of peace. I trained both level 1 and 2 with a wonderful Reiki master, whose short lineage to the founder of Reiki, Mikao Usui, gives me a perfect direct trace back to the source of Reiki healing.

I have been practicing Reiki for almost 12 years and I am a member of the Reiki Association. I have had the pleasure of treating a wide variety of different people from expectant mothers, babies, children, women going through the menopause, men with joint pain and insomnia to actors nervous before auditions and performances. One of my favourite treatments was with horses – but we would need a bigger treatment room!

I would very much like the chance and honour of working with your energy and look forward to meeting with you.”

What to Expect during a Treatment with Madeleine

During your first visit, a short explanation of what will be involved during your treatment will be given. All Reiki treatments are slightly different depending on the individual’s needs, however a typical Reiki session will involve the following:

  • You will remain fully clothed, it is best to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes and warm socks. We will provide a blanket to keep you cosy. Reiki can reach through clothing, blankets and even a plaster cast if necessary.
  • You will be asked to lie (or sit if that is easier for you) either on your front or back. If you have trouble with your back or knees, we can provide a support for you. Your comfort is essential.
  • The treatment will be given by the placing of hands gently on your body in a predetermined sequence of non-intrusive positions. There is no massage or manipulation. The hand positions will sometimes vary to provide Reiki to the areas where is it is required and will be held for as long as needed, this can be several minutes. If any of the positions are uncomfortable, we will move on at your request.
  • The hand positioning will be gentle and light. Some people might experience intense heat, tingling, throbbing or coolness. Your body might feel very light or grounded to the table. There is no right or wrong feelings to experience. Some people feel nothing in the session and fall asleep, only noticing the benefits later.

Introductory Offer

To encourage you to try out a Reiki session with Madeleine, she will be offering a 45-minute treatment for just £35, instead of £45 during March and April. She will initially be available during the day every Friday this month and the first Tuesday evening of every month from 5.30pm (with other dates to follow in due course). Bookings can be made online (Friday appointments only, excluding 20th March) using coupon code Reiki10 to secure the £10 discount or by emailing Madeleine at madedonaldson@gmail.com.

Jude H

I can’t recommend Maddy enough! I’d not had Reiki before and I found her intuition amazing. I felt fantastic physically and mentally after it.

Kirsty F

I have had several sessions of Reiki with Maddy. To begin with she explained the whole process and I felt very relaxed, in capable hands. She is calm and friendly which made the Reiki a very relaxing experience. It is different every time but after each session I feel enlightened, less stressed and I sleep so well! She is so intuitive and explains what is going on with my energy so well, picking up on not just and physical aches and pains but emotional ones too.


I had Reiki from Maddy during a time when I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and insomnia. I was getting panic attacks, constantly worrying and hadn’t slept for more than about 2 hours a night in months. The Reiki was very gentle, I didn’t expect it to do anything but it did, at first, I just started to relax more than I had in months, and then I started to feel calmer. My sleep improved and I moved into a space of thinking I could deal with things rather than then getting on top of me. Maddy is wonderful!



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