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The Lack Trap

t’s so easy to fall into the trap of “doing” more in order to “get” more out of life.

But doing more is a surefire way to:

  • generate excessive stress in the body (leading to dis-ease)
  • create an overwhelmed, overtaxed mind that can never switch off (a restless mental state that negatively impacts your emotional and physical health)
  • feeling emotionally tanked and depleted.

In the pursuit of quantity, quality of life is ultimately sacrificed.

Spiritually, when you’re looking to bridge a gap in your life, you are subconsciously or inadvertently focusing your energy on what’s missing or lacking in your life.

In energy terms, you get more of what you focus on. So if you’re lack focused, you’ll wind up experiencing more lack. Here are the nuts and bolts of this lack scenario:

  • If you’re focusing on a physical problem and trying to resolve it, you’ll experience more physical malaise around that problem.
  • If you’re focusing on a challenging relationship and wondering why things never work out smoothly for you in a relationship, strife in your relationships will come back to haunt you.
  • If you’re struggling financially and looking at ways to scrimp and save all the time, you’ll experience more financial woe and distress.

It’s a hard pill to swallow to understand how your energy can work in this seemingly counter-intuitive, metaphysical way and why we can often feel a victim in our life. But the good news is that it can all change – and very quickly too. You can change your creative force from inadvertent bad to ever-expanding good.

What I’m about to share is the most unique programme on the planet and you’ll get to benefit as being one of my clients.

I Am Called – Are You?

I’ve had a number of clients call me out on why I don’t combine my training as an Energy Alignment Method mentor with my skills as a complementary therapist. Well, this programme is my answer to that.

But are you heeding the call too? This is your call if you are not living your joy, you are not in complete health and vitality, you’re not in the best possible and most healthy relationships or you’re not in a good place in terms of finances and work pressures.

This therapy may sound too good to be true, but I have adequate testimonials from both sorts of clients (from the holistic therapy side and the energy alignment side) to know that what I can accomplish with you is nothing short of amazing (some might even say miraculous). You can check out the testimonials below.

If you are the inveterate sceptic, then I caution you not to reach out to me. This programme requires implicit trust and a willingness to be open-minded to explore how your energy works and how to access your intuition via your “sway”.

What is the Energy Alignment Method?

You may be asking, what the heck is the Energy Alignment Method?

It’s a relatively new therapy (been around now about 6 years) and there are only about 120 qualified mentors globally. A lot of them are based in the UK (where this system originated), however the number is progressively growing worldwide. It takes about 2 years to qualify.

The Energy Alignment Method is a wonderful form of applied kinesiology that uses the body as a muscle (aka the “sway”) to determine where your energy is in resistance and therefore blocking you from getting clarity in your life, from finding health, wealth, happiness, love and fulfilment.

It works to identify and release all resistances and then to align to high vibration energy and ultimately connecting to your true energetic “soul” blueprint.

It engages the Laws of the Universe (in particular Law of Attraction, Law of Momentum and Law of Vibration) as well as embraces quantum physics (we are energy beings, part of the electron field), Western neuroscience (mind-body connect) and Eastern healing philosophies (Chinese, Ayurvedic).

The Benefits

The physiological benefits include:

a change in your neural set-point and brainwaves to emit greater positive resonance (magnetic attraction)

healthy cell growth, improved energy exchange in your cells and accelerated healing (with anti-ageing benefits)

a reduction in adrenal and cortisol levels to resolve stress patterns

synergy and balance between mind and body so you feel happier and more “in tune” with yourself.

The psychological benefits include:

more consistent positive thoughts

ability to adapt to and embrace change

improved capability to handle stress situations and trauma

greater intuitive insight and creativity.

improved resilience and “bouceback-ability”

positive cognitive shifts

mental clarity

The emotional benefits include:

feeling lighter and more expansive

feeling more empowered and able to cope with any challenge

feeling calmer, more at peace

feeling as though you have “found your way home” to your true self: free of the layers of misguided expectations of others, without the emotional baggage of the past.

Why Add Reflexology?

The reason why I have incorporated Reflexology is because of the deep relaxation, opening of energy channels and holistic health benefits afforded by Reflexology, which will help accelerate the effects and impact of the Energy Alignment Method (EAM).

Programme Content

This is an intensive 8-week course that will require your commitment and receptivity to change (especially the way you think about things).

Here’s the breakdown of the 8 weeks:

Week 1: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by an introductory session to EAM – 2 hours.

Week 2: Identifying any health issues and removing any energy blocks, aligning to health and vitality in your life – 90 minutes of EAM.

Week 3: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by a review of Week 2 – 1 hour.

Week 4: Identifying any relationship issues using EAM and removing any emotional blocks, aligning to harmony in your life – 90 minutes of EAM.

Week 5: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by a review of Week 4 – 1 hour.

Week 6: Identifying any issues around your passion and purpose, removing any blocks and aligning to clarity and success – 90 minutes of EAM.

Week 7: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by a review of Week 6 – 1 hour.

Week 8: Identifying any financial struggles and resistance, removing your money ceiling and aligning to a flow of abundance – 90 minutes of EAM.


Ideally, the sessions are to be spaced at weekly intervals, but given that you might not be able to commit to a weekly schedule, there is a little flexibility in moving dates out by a few days (up to 10 days). However, consistency and momentum are key in this magical process.

All subsequent EAM sessions after the first introductory session can be done via a Zoom call, which means you can do this from home (assuming you have a reliable Internet connection).


Total Value: 5 x EAM sessions £750; 4 x Foot/Facial Reflexology £186 = £936.

Special Introductory Offer: £750 (if you’d like a payment plan, please enquire).


There will be a checklist for each EAM session to help you practise in between sessions and to continue your forward momentum after the course has been completed.

The Results

Obviously results will vary on each individual, because it depends on a number of variables, including how willing you are to see your life through a different lens and on how committed you are to change. But what I can vouch is that the biggest transformation happens for those that are least resistant to change and are willing to explore a different way of thinking, being and doing.

Be prepared to acknowledge where you’re stuck in life, the patterns you keep repeating, the limits you keep imposing on yourself. This programme will help you shatter all limitations, break through financial ceilings, and remove any barriers to finding happiness, health, loving relationships and success.

Your Call to Action

If you’d like to know more and/or discuss booking yourself in to start this unique and life-changing programme, just send me a message via our contact form (click the button below) or email


Mandi Everson

Had a wonderful treatment with Esther. Face and feet reflexology. Haven’t felt this calm in ages. Energy, physical, emotional and mental state in a far better place. Thank you so much 😊

Debra Allen

Esther is a talented and knowledgeable therapist, who takes the time to explain your treatment and makes sure you’re comfortable throughout. I can particularly recommend the hot stones massage, and face and foot reflexology.

Helen Mayers

I loved the facial reflexology – it improved my general wellbeing, reduced the frequency of severe migraine and my skin glowed….Ooh and I actually fell asleep during treatment which is unheard of 😊 I need to book my next one for after pay day! 😊 x

Carrieanne Foley

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the time we spent together yesterday and for the book which I am thoroughly enjoying. I left yesterday feeling exhausted but happier and lighter than I have felt in years. I truly feel rejuvenated and thankful I was able to release the negative energies I have obviously been carrying around for years. Thank you so much for an amazing and enlightening afternoon.

Jacquelyn Haley

I had a long session in The Energy Alignment Method. This therapy is designed to find the energy blocks within you and help you to simply let go. It was that easy! Esther was perhaps the most patient person I have ever met, as there seemed to be so much I had to release. I had this therapy as I had become very stuck in my own career. The EAM has released all this and I am now in full flow! Thank You Esther! Highly Recommend!

Gillian Forrester

Just wanted to add to the above – now experienced my first EAM session and have been just totally blown away. I feel so privileged to have found this, as it was just amazing – and I am a very difficult lady to impress. It is life-changing. Also has released me from a very long standing issue with my legs (restless legs) which has been very painful for me for quite some time now. I just can’t wait to take this further and to hopefully reconnect with thc confident person I used to be. Don’t know it until you try it – you will be amazed at the results.

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