Specialised Programmes for Life’s Transitions

Our specialised programmes are holistically designed to help you through life’s transitions, including ageing and menopause. These will help you safety and naturally restore your health, turn back the hands of time, melt away stress and reduce the sometimes debilitating effects of menopause.

After 40 Rejuvenation

If you’re feeling you notice more wrinkling and sagging skin every time you look in the mirror, but don’t want to opt for Botox and other more invasive treatments, check out the holistic way to age gracefully using the After 40 rejuvenation.

Reflexology for Menopause Wellbeing

As women experiencing the menopause transition, it can sometimes feel as though we’re going through a shredder and that our world is coming apart at the seams. This is because in the Western hemisphere, we have been working a highly stressed life, juggling many things, and the body is therefore not as well equipped to deal with rapid hormonal changes that are synonymous with the perimenopause period. This innovative and original Reflexology programme, combining Facial, Hand and Foot Reflexology, is created to slow down the ageing process, stabilise the impact of sudden hormonal changes, improve mood and alleviate a multitude of perimenopausal symptoms and stressors.


Life Lift Therapy

A totally unique and life-changing programme that works on inner harmony and alignment through the combination of the Energy Alignment Method (an advanced form of energy kinesiology) and reflexology.

Everything in this life is energy, both visible and invisible, and that includes our thoughts and feelings. And it’s precisely the thoughts and feelings we exhibit which are responsible for our experience on a physical 3D level. This is not just what we experience in the body, but in terms of our life experiences and circumstances. Our external world literally mirrors our internal world.

When you start to shift the energy (thoughts and feelings) from lack, disorientation and fear to abundance, order and unconditional love, you will experience a most magical, uplifting life. 

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