Esther Apoussidis


I started my therapy career at a midlife crossroads after losing my mother and selling my coffee shop business, which I’d run successfully for 5 years.  Through networking I discovered Nu Skin and its ageLOC formula and skincare devices. I was blown away by the instant results!

For so long, I’d struggled with an uneven complexion – prone to breakouts in the T-zone. It took me over a decade of trial and error just to find out that Estee Lauder was the best for my skin. It also helped going on the pill.  However, as my skin began to age, it seemed that Estee Lauder was at best adequate. So when Nu Skin products appeared on my radar, I fell in love immediately with the transformation. So much so, that I started a course in beauty and massage therapy training because I wanted to share this with others.

And then my love of facials and massage took me down the path of more holistic therapy training. I became a reflexologist, studying first foot and then facial reflexology. However, I didn’t stop there. I am now a Zone Face Lift practitioner as well as an Energy Alignment Method Mentor. Zone Face Lift combines facial reflexology with ancient Shamanic rituals, Japanese massage and Chinese cupping techniques. The Energy Alignment Method looks at exploring energy on both a conscious and subconscious level – clearing energy blocks and aligning to health, vitality, abundance and happiness. 

Prior to working at the Holiday Inn Cardiff North I worked as a mobile therapist for a number of years, but found that challenging because it’s very difficult to control the environment to ensure the client gets the best out of every treatment.

When the opportunity arose, I took over the running of the treatment room at the hotel and rebranded from BU Spa and Wellbeing Centre to MindBody Oasis in April 2019.  For me the mind-body connection is paramount. We are more than just our physical bodies, we are very much a product of our psyche.

I’m a firm believer that when we embrace calm, positivity and self-compassion, regardless of what symptoms the body is showing us at any particular time, we can mitigate suffering, improve well-being and even facilitate a recovery.  My therapies are very much geared to and in alignment with creating that calmness and upliftment that helps transform from within.

For more information on my energy mentoring services, visit www.energy-transformations.com.

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