Cupping is an ancient Chinese healing practice that plumps body tissue and improves blood flow to the skin. It has been recently popularised by celebrities, such as Gywneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and even athlete Michael Phelps, who swear by its benefits, including pain relief of sore muscles. However, most body cupping techniques involve the use of heated suction cups, which have the potential of causing red and purple bruising on the skin.

The Ziggie Bergman facial technique is totally different. It involves the gentle application of soft cups that are not heated and do not leave marks if used correctly. Sections of the face are gently sucked up by pumping slightly on the cup and drawing it along the contours of the face, focusing particularly on loose, flaccid areas of the face and any lines and wrinkles. A smaller cup with very light suction is used around the soft, delicate eye area to provide an eye lift. The feeling is one of your skin being massaged and hoovered at the same time. You really get a feeling of the jowls, cheeks and eye area being lifted and toned.

Cupping tools can be bought online and self-administered, but it is important to know how much pressure to apply and how to move them in the correct direction to get the maximum toning benefit, correct drainage of lymph and to eliminate any possible bruising to the skin. Having a qualified therapist, who fully understands facial anatomy and is trained in the technique, perform the treatment at MindBody Oasis removes that risk entirely

The Incredible Benefits of Facial Cupping

Facial cupping has multiple health benefits to alleviate suffering from the following conditions:

  • sinus congestion
  • headaches and migraines
  • facial paralysis
  • ear aches
  • bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • jaw clenching
  • TMJ pain.

In terms of aesthetics and ageing well, the treatment increases the diffusion and receptivity of skin cell nutrients, strengthens connective tissues, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and restores new skin tissue. The effects are to:

  • reduce wrinkles and lines
  • decongest skin (especially the delicate eye area) of accumulated facial products (moisturiser, serums, etc).
  • firm and tone skin and muscle
  • help clear out and reduce pore size
  • reduce puffiness, in particular puffy eyes
  • increase blood circulation and skin radiance
  • soften scar tissue and alleviate any underlying pain and tension
  • create a more sculpted jawline and reduce double/triple chins.

The treatment is especially good for draining lymph, which can cause puffiness in the face. Lymph plays an important part in defending the body against infection and it helps to carry away excess fluids from the body. If it doesn’t flow properly, it can lead to swelling or oedema. For example, oedema occurs because a lymph node may have been removed in breast cancer surgery. Facial cupping helps to kick-start the lymphatic system by stimulating muscle movement in order to move the lymph fluid and by drawing away excess fluid to the lymph nodes.


What can you expect to see in the mirror after a treatment? Your skin will feel more toned, pinker, plumper and more lifted. Your neck will be more smoothly contoured and your jaw will have a more chiselled look. Here’s what one particular client said:

I recently had a zone facial with Esther which included the new ‘cupping’ technique. First of all the facial itself is so calming, I felt like I went on a lovely journey where I was able to leave all my daily worries for a while. Then the cupping was like cushioned kisses kind of dragging across your face. I’m probably not describing it very well but it’s much better than how I’m making it sound! It’s definitely worth a try. Overall the treatment is worth it as I felt lovely and relaxed when I left and my skin felt smooth and appeared more radiant somehow.
I’ll be back for more! (Michelle Bush)


Facial cupping – normally available as a £10 add-on – has been added to the the single-session and full programme Zone Face Lift as a complimentary bonus. Book online and in the notes, indicate that you would like the cupping added.

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