I have designed a new “Life Lift Therapy” course of 8 treatments to combat the blues, improve physical and mental health and endurance, as well as help you find clarity and happiness in your life. This unique course combines Reflexology (face or foot as preferred) with alternate one-to-one sessions of Energy Alignment therapy, using the Energy Alignment Method (FHT accredited).

The Energy Alignment Method is a wonderful new applied kinesiology technique that uses the body as a muscle to determine where your energy is in resistance and therefore blocking you from getting clarity in your life, from finding happiness, love and fulfilment. It works to identify and release all resistances and helps us align with our true energetic destiny. It engages the Laws of the Universe (in particular Law of Attraction, Law of Momentum and Law of Vibration) as well as embraces quantum physics (we are energy beings, part of the electron field), Western neuroscience (mind-body connect) and Eastern healing philosophies (Chinese, Ayurvedic).

The physiological benefits include:

  • a change in our neural setpoint and brainwaves to emit greater positive resonance (magnetic attraction)
  • reduction in adrenal and cortisol levels to resolve stress patterns
  • healthy cell growth, improving the energy exchange in our cells and accelerating healing (with anti-ageing benefits)
  • synergy and balance between mind and body.

The psychological benefits include:

  • more consistent positive thoughts and feelings
  • improved “boucebackaility “
  • ability to adapt to change quicker
  • positive cognitive shifts
  • improved ability to handle stress situations and trauma
  • a feeling of freedom and empowerment
  • mental clarity.

The reason why I have incorporated Reflexology is because of the deep relaxation and health benefits afforded by reflexology, which will help accelerate the effects and impact of the Energy Alignment Method (EAM).

The outline of the 8-week course will be as follows:

  • Week 1: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by an introductory session to EAM – 2 hours.
  • Week 2: Identifying any health issues and removing any energy blocks, aligning to health and vitality in your life – 90 minutes of EAM.
  • Week 3: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by a review of Week 2 – 1 hour.
  • Week 4: Identifying any relationship issues using EAM and removing any emotional blocks, aligning to harmony in your life – 90 minutes of EAM.
  • Week 5: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by a review of Week 4 – 1 hour.
  • Week 6: Identifying any issues around your passion and purpose, removing any blocks and aligning to clarity and success – 90 minutes of EAM.
  • Week 7: Foot or Facial Reflexology followed by a review of Week 6 – 1 hour.
  • Week 8: Identifying any financial struggles and resistance, removing your money ceiling and aligning to a flow of abundance – 90 minutes of EAM.

All subsequent EAM sessions after the first introductory session can be done via a Zoom call, which means you can do this from home (assuming you have a reliable Internet connection). There will be a checklist for each EAM session to help you practise in between sessions and to continue your forward momentum after the course has been completed.

Total Cost: £600

Introductory Offer until 31/03/2020: £500 (can be paid in 2 monthly instalments).



This therapy is designed to find the energy blocks within you and help you to simply let go. It was that easy! Esther was perhaps the most patient person I have ever met, as there seemed to be so much I had to release. I had this therapy as I had become very stuck in my own career. The EAM has released all this and I am now in full flow! Thank You Esther! Highly Recommend!


This is really powerful stuff Esther. I feel amazing!


I left yesterday feeling exhausted, but happier and lighter than I have felt in years. I truly feel rejuvenated and thankful that I was able to release the negative energies I have obviously been carrying for years. Thank you so much for an amazing afternoon.

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