Used with our Facial Reflexology and our Zone Face Lift treatments, this multi-award winning oil contains a magical blend of 15 plants/oils, including

🍃 White Poppy Seed – a rare oil that firms, tightens and absorbs quickly. Traditionally used to heal burns or used as an eye salve.

🍃 Prickly Pear – a powerful moisturiser, that improves skin elasticity. New Mexico tribes used it roasted to accelerate healing, reduce swelling and to treat rheumatism and viral infections.

🍃 White Sage – purifies the spirit and protects the skin. A sacred healing herb used by Native Americans during spiritual cleansing ceremonies. 🍃 Peach Oil – sumptuous and particularly restorative for skin’s elasticity and for treating thread veins.

🍃 Safflower Oil – high content of oleic acid, restores damaged skin and improves tone.

The silky elixir dramatically irons out wrinkles, repairs and lifts the skin and “smudges the aura” and re-energises the spirit.

What is particularly special is the amethyst crystal that’s suspended in the elixir. It’s a dream stone known for its meditative qualities. Restores emotional, spiritual and physical balance.

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