A new survey recently undertaken in partnership between the Federation of Holistic Therapists (of which I’m a member) and the Integrated Medical Alliance (IMA) indicates that complementary therapies, conducted alongside standard medical healthcare, can dramatically reduce visits to the doctor by as much as 37%.


86% responded that they noticed an improvement in their health, with 95% of respondents saying they would use the therapy again. The beneficial impacts on health were both of a general and targeted nature, including reduction of stress and anxiety (54%), muscular pains (41%), lower back pain (26%), joint problems (22%) as well as tiredness and fatigue (22%).


The percentage breakdown of the therapies undertaken was as follows: reflexology (29%), homeopathy (18%), massage (17%), acupuncture (8%) and reiki (6%). For myself, as an avid proponent of reflexology (foot and facial) as both a therapist and client, I have no doubt about the efficacy of reflexology, particularly if adopted as a regular lifestyle habit (in other words, at least a monthly, if not biweekly, treatment – check out our membership plans).


Here’s an infographic the FHT has prepared for its members and stakeholders to give you a snapshot view of the results and numbers participating:



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