The problem with complementary therapies is that, whilst many accept that they can help alongside conventional medicine with pain relief, very few clinical or scientific studies are conducted to document their effectiveness. Most proof is anecdotal.

In a study published in the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in 2013, it was found by researchers at the University of Portsmouth that about 40% of people felt less pain, and were able to stand pain for about 45% longer when they used reflexology as a method of pain relief.

Participants attended two sessions, in which they were asked to submerge their hand in ice water. For the one session, each received a foot reflexology treatment and for the other session each believed that they received a TENS machine treatment (but the machine was not actually switched on, therefore creating the Placebo effect).

The researchers discovered that when the participants received reflexology prior to the session they were able to keep their hand in the ice water for longer before they felt pain, and that they could also tolerate the pain for a longer period of time.

The view by the lead researcher, trained reflexologist, Dr Carol Samuel, was that “It is likely that reflexology works in a similar manner to acupuncture by causing the brain to release chemicals that lessen pain signals.” She said the results suggested that reflexology could be used to complement conventional drug therapy in the treatment of conditions associated with pain such as osteoarthritis, backache and cancers. Read more about the study here.

What does Reflexology actually do?

The primary role of reflexology is to bring balance to the body’s energy since it is only when the body’s ‘life force’ or ‘chi’ is in free flow and unimpeded, that there can be optimum health and wellbeing for mind, body and spirit.

When carrying out a treatment the reflexologist stimulates more than 7200 nerves in the feet. In doing so, he/she clears congestion in the neural pathways, allowing neural signals to flow quickly and unimpeded to the various organs, glands and all other cells in the body, such as muscle tissue, etc. Without neural congestion, the body is able to function more efficiently and harmoniously. Stress, discomfort and pain are reduced and a deep sense of relaxation and tranquillity ensues.

Reflexology stimulates muscles as well as nerve endings, so holistically it can improve the body’s functions in terms of circulation, releasing stress, detoxification, boosting the immune system, relieving pain caused by injury or trauma or alleviating symptoms of a medical condition or disease.

Here are just a few quotes from our clients:

“I had a course of Reflexology with the lovely Esther, and found the treatment so relaxing which followed with the best nights sleep ever! Esther quite literally has magic hands! I had been suffering with a back problem and found the sessions really helped.” – Helen Meredith

“A big thank you to Esther Apoussidis for the wonderful reflexology treatment yesterday. Anyone who is looking for a new reflexologist or anyone wanting to try it for the first time, I highly recommend Esther. I really enjoyed the treatment. Plus a fact for you…. last night was the first night in a very long time that I had a completely pain and discomfort free night without any medication. I usually have disturbed sleep due to pain or discomfort in my left leg (having arthritis in my Knee) and have got used to it now, but last night was such a nice difference. Thank you again, I will definitely be booking again soon x” – Wendy Cross

What our clients say about our Reflexology treatments...

Cheranne Kermath

Such a talented therapist Esther is among the best. I’ve enjoyed her massage skills and her reflexology treatments are excellent.

I’m pleased to be experiencing the recently introduced Zone Facelift and after just one treatment I can see the difference. Looking forward to completing my package and seeing the results. I can highly recommend Mindbody Oasis.

Beverley Parry

Wow! What else can I say? Had a neck, shoulder and back massage with Esther last night. I have had many massages but this was by far the best! Then I had a Reflexology treatment which was amazing. Thank you very much Esther. Next treatment already booked. Looking forward to it very much.

Debbie Levi

Wonderful reflexology appointment. Feeling very relaxed, would definitely recommend. Thank you.

Mandi Everson

Had a wonderful treatment with Esther. Face and feet reflexology. Haven’t felt this calm in ages. Energy, physical, emotional and mental state in a far better place. Thank you so much 😊

Kate Lloyd

I’ve just had 3 great facial reflexology treatments and found them brilliant. They helped me relax, as well as relieve some sinus pressure I have been suffering with. Highly recommend booking a course of treatments with Esther!

Helen Mayers

I loved the facial reflexology – it improved my general wellbeing, reduced the frequency of severe migraine and my skin glowed….Ooh and I actually fell asleep during treatment which is unheard of 😊 I need to book my next one for after pay day! 😊 x

Debra Allen

Esther is a talented and knowledgeable therapist, who takes the time to explain your treatment and makes sure you're comfortable throughout. I can particularly recommend the hot stones massage, and face and foot reflexology.

Nicola Parry

I would recommend the Indian Head massage and reflexology. I have had both treatments and they were truly amazing.

Esther is very professional and her treatments are something else. This is way I am going to continue having regular treatments.

Helen Meredith

I had a course of Reflexology with the lovely Esther, and found the treatment so relaxing which followed with the best nights sleep ever!
Esther quite literally has magic hands! I had been suffering with a back problem and found the sessions really helped.
5* would highly recommend!

Jessica Turley

Fantastic expertise, so so relaxing. Definitely will be coming back. (Facial Reflexology)

Pamela Anderson

Gorgeous foot reflexology so relaxing highly recommended thank you.

Jo Jenkins

The most relaxing treatment I’ve ever had felt amazing afterwards. (Foot Reflexology)


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