Women’s Cancer Therapy

Helping you navigate the cancer journey with improved well-being and recovery

Getting a cancer diagnosis (breast or gynaecological cancer) can fill your head with a million questions. It’s a scary trip into the unknown. Suddenly your life has been thrown upside down and the chaos that ensues can leave you feeling cast adrift in a turbulent sea of uncertainty, stress and anxiety.

Navigating the journey from diagnosis to treatment, its side-effects and beyond, including post-surgery care, can be daunting, painful, and extremely exhausting.

This programme has been specially put together in recognition of the needs of someone like yourself. It combines an adapted version of foot reflexology with reflexology lymph drainage to help you better cope with the challenges of this journey, to bring you to a sense of calm and empowerment. The ultimate aim is to improve the quality of your life and move you forwards to a new normal.

The programme will help:

  • reduce pain and swelling
  • manage stress, worry and anxiety
  • improve sleep
  • alleviate stress headaches
  • diminish fatigue
  • reduce irritability
  • create a better self-image
  • give you more confidence and hope
  • create a positive focus.

A key part of recovery is being able to switch off and to permit and stimulate the body to self-heal and renew.

A full assessment will be made at the beginning of the programme to determine how the treatments need to be modified in line with the type of cancer and which stage you are at to ensure you get the best outcome.

Angela, who delivers this treatment, has been on her own cancer journey. She has over 15 years’ experience of providing complementary therapies to cancer patients. She trains other therapists and is a leading speaker on the topic of holistic care in the oncology world.


Programme Content

3 x 60 minute Adapted Foot Reflexology sessions. A great therapy for inducing calm, relieving stress and anxiety and re-setting the body on a path of healing and recovery.

3 x 60 minute Reflexology Lymph Drainage sessions. This therapy has been uniquely designed for breast cancer patients with lymphoedema of the arm. It’s a deeply relaxing and gentle treatment.



Alternate sessions of adapted reflexology with reflexology lymph drainage to be experienced either weekly or biweekly (every 2 weeks), depending on your needs and preference. A full consultation and plan will be conducted and agreed prior to commencement of the programme.

£300 or £275 if paid in full upfront. Payments can be spread evenly across 2 months (£150 per month) or 3 months (£100 per month).

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