Menopause Rescue


From menopause woe to midlife renaissance

“My best days are behind me! Menopause sucks! From hereon it’s a slippery slope downhill”.

Peri-menopause and Menopause can impact women in different ways, but for most mood and self-esteem take a nose-dive when hit with any of its symptoms:

  • hot flushes and night sweats
  • disrupted sleep patterns and fatigue (often as a result of night sweats or having to visit the toilet more often)
  • bloating and sudden weight gain
  • headaches or worsening of pre-existing migraine conditions
  • achy joints
  • brain fog – difficulty in being able to concentrate or focus
  • irritability
  • low libido
  • skin outbreaks as hormones go haywire
  • more moles and liver (sun) spots
  • really dry hair and skin with crepe-like décolleté
  • sudden thinning or loss of hair
  • sagging neckline and jowls, more droopy eyes

So it’s no surprise you’ve had enough. That’s quite a big list!  And even suffering just a few of them, could drag you down. But there’s help on hand to get you out of the freefall of peri-menopause and menopause.

Menopause Rescue has been specifically designed to address as many symptoms as possible, even those that you may not be aware of as we tap into the sub-conscious using the Energy Alignment Method and stimulating the reflexes through Facial Reflexology. This wholly unique combination makes for a dramatic increase in wellbeing and elevation of healing energy.  You will simply feel reborn at the end of the course – your midlife renaissance!

Programme Content

6 x 45 minute Facial Reflexology sessions. Facial Reflexology is an ideal solution for the menopause as it specifically helps to target and alleviate many of its symptoms, including:

  • temperature and mood swings
  • headaches
  • sleep disruptions
  • hormonal imbalances
  • blemished and ageing skin
  • stress

Also, you’ll experience Facial Reflexology as a profoundly relaxing treatment. You’ll be drifting off in no time and awaken to inner calm and balance, feeling totally in love with yourself again!

3 x 90 minute Energy Alignment Method (EAM) sessions which can be conducted in person or remotely via online Zoom call.

  • EAM is a form of applied kinesiology that identifies where your energy is blocked (in resistance).
  • Using a 5-step process, resistances (low self-esteem, worry, anxiety, stress) are cleared and the body, mind and spirit are aligned to positive energies (confidence, love, joy and freedom).
  • The mind and body start a journey of healing and renewal and you begin to feel healthier, rejuvenated and happier.
  • All sessions will be recorded so you can re-visit and re-cap if needed.



The Facial Reflexology sessions are to be booked at biweekly intervals. A longer gap may reduce the effectiveness of the programme. You can choose a weekly programme if preferred.

EAM sessions can be slotted into the schedule at any time, to alternate with the facial reflexology treatments at the spa or remotely in between spa bookings.

£540, currently discounted to £485 – 2 payment instalments of £250 and £235 respectively across 2 months.

Find out what clients are saying about our Facial Reflexology and EAM therapies…

Kate Lloyd

I’ve just had 3 great facial reflexology treatments and found them brilliant. They helped me relax, as well as relieve some sinus pressure I have been suffering with. Highly recommend booking a course of treatments with Esther!

Helen Mayers

I loved the facial reflexology – it improved my general wellbeing, reduced the frequency of severe migraine and my skin glowed….Ooh and I actually fell asleep during treatment which is unheard of 😊 I need to book my next one for after pay day! 😊 x

Carrieanne Foley

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the time we spent together yesterday and for the book which I am thoroughly enjoying. I left yesterday feeling exhausted but happier and lighter than I have felt in years. I truly feel rejuvenated and thankful I was able to release the negative energies I have obviously been carrying around for years. Thank you so much for an amazing and enlightening afternoon.

Jacquelyn Haley

I had a long session in The Energy Alignment Method. This therapy is designed to find the energy blocks within you and help you to simply let go. It was that easy! Esther was perhaps the most patient person I have ever met, as there seemed to be so much I had to release. I had this therapy as I had become very stuck in my own career. The EAM has released all this and I am now in full flow! Thank You Esther! Highly Recommend!

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