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Saturday, 8th October 2022






 What can you expect?

The content will vary from month to month (see below for the next 3 months schedule). But here’s what you can expect overall:

  • motivation
  • inspiration
  • fun interaction
  • improved self-awareness and self-compassion
  • time and task management advice
  • tools to embody daily mindfulness and spiritual practices
  • effective manifestation techniques
  • uplifting meditations
  • breathing techniques to calm the body and mind
  • energy kinesiology to release what’s not serving you, and create new positive feelings, thoughts and behaviours
  • personal action plans to live your best life
  • reflexology self-care tips
  • recommendations for further reading and learning
  • a safe, confidential environment
  • follow-on support and community (if you so wish).

October: The Power of Words

Did you know that your words, spoken or unspoken (including the thoughts and intentions behind them) have incredible power?

The direction and emotional intensity of your words can make or break you. 

I’ll teach you how to direct and energise them in a way that will create greater health, wealth and ease in your life.

November: Don't Stop Daydreaming!

Did you know a huge injustice was committed when we were told off as children for daydreaming?

Also, did you know that our Imagination is the most powerful creation tool at our disposal to manifest whatever we desire – if used correctly. I would say only 2% of people really and truly know how to use it with any great success. You will be among the privileged few to find and test this out for yourself. 

December: Be your best self in 2023

The power to transform your reality rests with you. If you want to experience an incredible 2023, then it starts with working on yourself: your beliefs, your desires and your choices in life.

Trust me! Your outer reality is but a reflection of what’s going on within. When you start to change your internal world, your outer circumstances and conditions will change to match. Inner harmony and flow equate to outer harmony and flow.

I’ll teach you the most powerful tool I know to shift beliefs that no longer serve you and empower you to believe and trust in your good fortune and destiny with ease and flow.

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Hi! I’m Esther Apoussidis

I became an entrepreneur at 45, less than a year after giving birth to my third son. I opened a continental-style coffee shop to indulge my passion for baking. But truthfully, I wanted to escape the confines and pressures of my job as a marketing manager in a fast-paced IT business run by an overbearing male management team, who paid little heed to my suggestions and opinions.

I loved the thrill of running my own show. However, fast forward 5 years I found myself physically and emotionally burnt out. I had made a misguided decision to invest in a second shop in an expensive location and lost a whole lot of money as a result. I decided to sell it, then shortly afterwards I lost my dearest mother to a stroke, after a long spell of ill-health.

In 2016 (aged 51) I retrained in holistic therapies (massage, reflexology and natural face-lifts). I then discovered and trained as a mentor in the Energy Alignment Method (EAM). I saw this as a powerful means of helping and making a difference to other people’s lives, especially those who have reached an impasse in their lives, who are unhappy with their circumstances, have made poor choices and have unwisely invested their time and/or money in ill-fated ventures or career moves.

I’ve also invested a lot of time and money over the past 2 years in learning powerful manifestation techniques, how to apply the natural laws to our greatest advantage and also how to tap into our intuition (inner wisdom) to guide us onto a higher path.

In these workshops, I want to impart my knowledge, my wisdom and my empathy, so that you can avoid the mistakes I’ve made, you can rise up above your circumstances and demand a better life for yourself. I’m with you 100% all the way!

This all sounds great but what if….

...I pay and then can't make it?

No worries! There will always be a recording of the event, which will be sent to you via email within 3 days of the event occurring. You can catch up at your leisure. You always have access to your mentor for any questions you may have either via the Facebook group or via email.

...I don’t wish to continue my subscription?

We’ll happily cancel your subscription without any penalty if you feel you can’t commit or you change your mind.

...I need help or have questions during or following the workshop?

No problem! Your trainer will answer as many questions as possible during the live event. And as long as you join our private Facebook group, you will continue to get answers and support after the event or via email if Facebook is not an option for you.

What do you say?

Are you ready to overcome despondency, indecision, self-doubt and ditch the overwhelm, stress and struggle that have punctuated your life until now? Do you want the secrets, tools and daily formula to start making a positive difference to your life? It starts with just one baby step – your first workshop. You won’t look back, I promise you!

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Price fixed until end 2022.

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