After 40 Rejuvenation

Reversing the signs of ageing inside and out

You’re fed up looking in the mirror and seeing yet another wrinkle, crease, fold or age spot, and it’s getting you down, but you’re not quite ready to inject the Botox, go under the knife or risk a chemical peel. This programme is the perfect alternative for you.

It’s the only natural, holistic programme that combines energy healing, reflexology, structural massage and facial cupping to rejuvenate not just skin-deep, but on a much more profound level. You will not only look 10 years younger, you will feel it too!

There is a fundamental difference between this programme and the 12 week course of Zone Face Lift and that’s why there is nothing like this on the market today.

Ageing after the age of 40 is not just a skin-deep or physical problem, it usually often coincides with midlife crises and some challenges. For example, children are starting to leave the nest, you have to look after parents whose health is frail or you are grieving their loss. Also there could be career or financial challenges as a result of all the changes going on around you. You may be wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford retirement or what that may look like. You’re starting to reflect back on your life so far and wondering what went wrong or when did you get separated from your dreams and aspirations.

This is where the Energy Alignment Method comes into play. It’s a new energy alignment therapy that combines the power of neuroscience with ancient Eastern wisdom and healing philosophies. It’s designed to help you address all your internal challenges, release these and align to the energy of positive emotions. The results are quite astounding: you feel lighter, happier and more confident. This has a ripple effect (via the mind-body connection) on your health and appearance, therefore enhancing the effectiveness of Zone Face Lift

Programme Content

4 x 90 minute Extended Zone Face Lift sessions, incorporating

  • full product facial with Japanese radiance face mask or Chinese Yin Yang jasmine-scented clay mask
  • 45-minute facial reflexology
  • Japanese massage using Rose Quartz crystals, jade Gua Sha sculpting tool and special hand and finger techniques
  • Shamanic smudging (energy and aura cleansing) with 10-minute visualisation
  • Chinese facial cupping (soft cupping technique, does not mark or bruise skin as can happen with glass suction cups)
  • Zone Face Lift Elixir – an award-winning, silky and luxurious oil blend of 15 ancient, magical herbs and essences designed to detox, purify, heal, nourish and restore elasticity to the skin (infused with amethyst crystal)

8 x 75 minute Zone Face Lift sessions (as above, but excluding product facial and visualisation/smudging)

Free jade Gua Sha massage tool to help you do the home exercises.

3 x 90 minute Energy Alignment Method (EAM) sessions which can be conducted in person or remotely via online Zoom call.

  • EAM is a form of applied kinesiology that identifies where your energy is blocked (in resistance).
  • Using a 5-step process, resistances (fear, self-doubt, worry) are cleared and the body, mind and spirit are aligned to positive energies (love, joy and freedom).
  • The mind and body start a journey of healing and renewal and you begin to feel healthier, rejuvenated and happier.
  • All sessions will be recorded so you can re-visit and re-cap if needed.

Minimum 2 x video tutorials for you to practise some reflexology and massage at home – instructions will be tailored to your specific health and anti-ageing needs.



Ideally, the sessions are to be spaced at weekly intervals, but given that you might not be able to commit to a weekly schedule, the sessions can be 10 days apart or at a maximum interval of 2 weeks (if planning a holiday, please take this into consideration).

Usually the extended Zone Face Lift sessions are carried out at every third session.

EAM sessions can be slotted into the schedule at any time, either in person prior to an in-spa treatment or remotely in between spa bookings.

£900, payable in either 3 monthly instalments of £300 or over 6 months at £150 per month.

Find out what clients are saying about our Zone Face Lift and EAM…

Michelle Bush

I recently had a zone facial with Esther which included the new ‘cupping’ technique. First of all the facial itself is so calming, I felt like I went on a lovely journey where I was able to leave all my daily worries for a while.
Then the cupping was like cushioned kisses kind of dragging across your face. I’m probably not describing it very well but it’s much better than how I’m making it sound! It’s definitely worth a try.

Overall the treatment is worth it as I felt lovely and relaxed when I left and my skin felt smooth and appeared more radiant somehow.
I’ll be back for more!

Alicia Wishart

Recently had a zone lift facial with Esther…..highly recommend treatment to lift skin and to combat ageing, it was also super relaxing. I found it so much more effective after 1 treatment than a course of CACI! 🙂

Carrieanne Foley

I just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for the time we spent together yesterday and for the book which I am thoroughly enjoying. I left yesterday feeling exhausted but happier and lighter than I have felt in years. I truly feel rejuvenated and thankful I was able to release the negative energies I have obviously been carrying around for years. Thank you so much for an amazing and enlightening afternoon.

Jacquelyn Haley

I had a long session in The Energy Alignment Method. This therapy is designed to find the energy blocks within you and help you to simply let go. It was that easy! Esther was perhaps the most patient person I have ever met, as there seemed to be so much I had to release. I had this therapy as I had become very stuck in my own career. The EAM has released all this and I am now in full flow! Thank You Esther! Highly Recommend!

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